Ladies Only, Men Forbidden.

Hey ladies, let’s have a talk. A talk about something that we all experience. I strongly recommend that any men reading this should stop now for the sake of your poor brains. Trust me this is not something you’ll want to read. But ladies, please continue reading, you might learn something new, something that has the possibility of changing your life and making it just a little bit easier.

Ladies; periods, menstruation, the crimson tide, shark week, riding the cotton pony, you know – THAT time of the month. We all go through it (unless you have passed/reached menopause or just haven’t had yours yet). But for the most part we all know the struggle. The little surprises, the cramps, the weird weight gain and bloating, the little leaks, the messes, and the endless amount of money spent on products that you just throw away after a few hour of use.

Now, I’m not the kind of person that will change over from disposable products, to reusable products just for the sake of the environment. However, I am the kind of person that likes a product that will make my life a little more easy or comfortable. And about 5 years ago I found a product like that.

I’m talking about the Diva Cup©. Yes I am one of those strange people that uses a menstrual cup rather than using traditional menstruation products like tampons and pads. And no, I don’t feel weird or abnormal or uncomfortable for using one and admitting that I do. In fact, whenever the topic of periods comes up (as it sometimes does between girls) I am the first one to freely say that I use a cup, and yes I highly recommend using one to everyone I talk to about periods.

So let me tell you a little bit about what it’s like using a menstrual cup. I’m not going to lie to you, the first few times you use the cup, it feels strange, and can be very uncomfortable and messy. Basically you buy a cup, it comes with a cute little storage bag, and a paper of very clear instructions for use and care. Follow the instructions and you will be just fine.

For me it took a few tries to get the cup where it’s supposed to be, that’s the part that can get uncomfortable, and kind of messy. This makes it a little difficult to change out your cup if you are in a public washroom, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Besides a cup can stay in for up to 12 hours, so the likelihood of needing to change it in a public washroom is very small. Once you figure out how to get your cup in to a point where it is comfortable, then you’ll notice that you don’t feel it at all.

Pretty much, the cup goes in, it stays in for up to 12 hours and then you take it out, clean it up, and put it in again. I find that the cup keeps everything a little more clean throughout the day, sometimes a leak might happen, but it’s never a bad one (I do however recommend wearing a liner when you have the cup in, just in case).

I also notice that when I use my cup, my cramps and pain are much less. It even reduces the stress and anxiety that every girl has in regards to “leaking” or “bleeding through”. A menstrual cup is definitely something that I recommend every woman tries at least once. It’s a small investment for a huge payout. The cup I have only costs about $60 at most, which seems like a lot. However the cup lasts very long. In comparison, I used to have to buy 1 pack of tampons for every month. one years worth of tampons is much more expensive than buying a cup.

My cup is the only thing that takes my period from being the worst weeks of my life, to being just weeks of my life. Honestly ladies, if there’s one product that you should use in your life it is a menstrual cup. Go, try one, and thank me later.

Now for you men that ended up reading through this whole post anyways despite the first paragraph, I’m sorry. And I definitely recommend that you do not go out and try menstrual cups. Let’s just leave this one for the ladies, shall we?

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  1. Totally with you on this! Been using mine for close to 10 years. And i think it cost me about $20 back then. Definitely the healthier option too.


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