How Charming!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I’m sorry about that. It’s been a stressful time since I got back from vacation. I had several large assignments due and a whole bunch of small ones as well. That coupled with preparing for exams and searching for summer jobs left me quite tense and stressed out.

When I get stressed I tend to either eat or online shop. Neither one of these activities is actually good for me, so I decided to start taking baths because I read online that baths can relax you, and I needed relaxing really badly. But taking a bath without a bath bomb or bubbles is kinda strange. It’s just warm clear water, and to be honest bathing kind of grosses me out. You just sit in warm water soaking in your own dirt water. So to take up my new hobby of relaxing in the bath, I needed some bath bombs. I mean they are all the rage right now right? And if I was to purchase bath bombs, I might as well buy some with little surprises in them. So I dug into my emergency fun fund and set out to browse the selection offered on the Charmed Aroma Website. Besides, buying the bath bombs created a topic that I could write about in my blog.

I decided on three different bombs. A tangerine dream one because I thought it would smell good, an aquamarine dream march birthstone one because blue is my favorite color, and a princess crown one because I’ve been wanting a crown ring for years. I placed the order and waited somewhat patiently for my awesome bath bombs to arrive.

The shipping time for the bath bombs was actually surprisingly quick. I got them in about 7 business days. And boy was I excited when they came. I was so excited that they came that I actually filled my tub and used the princess crown bath bomb right away. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed, the bomb lasted about 15 minutes fizzing away and making my water all fancy looking, and then a small little plastic ball popped up out of the color swirls. And then I had my first ring. It’s a beautiful rose gold crown with lovely crystal detailing, appraised at $80.

The next bomb a tired about a week later was the blue one. Again it turned my water into a lovely shade of blue, and then the capsule popped up. Based on my previous success I was excited to see the ring inside. It was a silver band with a huge blue stone ringed in crystals mounted front and center. It was pretty, definitely not my style at all, and only appraised at $60. But hey maybe I can pawn it off at some point.

Two weeks later I tried the last one, the tangerine bomb. Let me tell you, that bath bomb was my favorite smelling and it was the nicest looking in the water. But when I opened the ring I was disappointed. It was not a diamond one as was depicted in the picture, but a pink one, with two diamonds on either side. Needless to say, that color vibrant pink it not me at all, but it is appraised at $150 so hopefully when I pawn it, it’ll get me a few dollars.

Overall I’d have to say that the hype around these bath bombs is well warranted. They are really fun to use and there is a good selection to choose from. Obviously there is no way to choose which ring they’ll get in their bomb, because that would wreck the surprise and the overall draw of the bath bombs. I loved one of the rings I got, but the other two were not what I like at all. But hey, they definitely helped lower my stress level, and gave me a little fun and enjoyment as well. I’m tempted to buy some more of them, but not now. I would recommend that everyone tries this when they have money to purchase a bath bomb or a candle.

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