Aloha From Spring Break!

You know how lots of students board planes for the classic spring break. Ya, the one that the movies portray as the be all end all even of the school year. Well I never really planned to go on a spring break trip to somewhere hot. But this year I was offered a trip to beautiful Maui with my family for spring break. So of course I went, I mean who in their right mind would pass up on the opportunity to go to Hawaii, especially when it’s snowing and miserable back home.

So we left on Thursday, really late just to drive to a hotel. Needless to say, my hole family sleeping in the same hotel room is not a good mix. I don’t think any of us got any sleep at all. By Friday morning we were all exhausted when we got up at 3 A.M to get to the airport for a 5 A.M flight. Honestly 5 A.M is not a good time to fly. Of course I’m not a morning person at all so that’s probably why I studied. We finally arrived in Hawaii on Friday afternoon, and boy was the weather beautiful. We grabbed a rental car and then we were off on what was supposed to be a half hour drive, which due to traffic was more of a hour and a half drive. But of course before the drive we stopped at Hawaiian Costco, and at the food truck village. Yes you read that right, FOOD TRUCK VILLAGE, a gravel parking lot where food trucks park and serve. I think there were about 10 of them there.

During the drive we got a small taste of Island life. The road we took ran right along the coast so we could see the water the whole way there. We actually saw some whale activity too! Finally after the traffic we made it to our first Island Hotel. We changed and made the sort walk down to the water. Let me tell you something, for a small town girl that lives inland swimming in the ocean was an adventure. The ocean has a mind of its own, and the energy you can feel in the waves is amazing. Also it’s really salty, as in dry your whole mouth out when some of it gets in it, that kind of salty. Probably saltier than me. From the ocean we rinsed off in the resorts pool and hot tub, then headed back to the room to change for a late dinner. The concierge referred us to a small diner called CJ’s. It was a dine straight out of the movies. Really friendly service and great food. If you ever head over to the Kaanapali area of Maui, make sure you go to CJ’s. (See the pictures at the end).

Then it was Saturday, and time for us to move into out condo, rather than our temporary hotel room. We explored the condo for a bit and discovered a whole pile of condo cats. For us cat people this was an amazing discovery, one that soon became disappointing when we failed at getting the cats to like us. We headed to the grocery store after our exploring. My mom also met the manager of a Hawaiian Napa store, who offered to give my dad a free Hawaiian Napa shirt. I still don’t know if my dad actually got one. Because we were all tired after grocery shopping we opted to make pizza and watch James Bond Sky-fall before bed.

Finally we made it to Sunday. My mom found a small Baptist church to go to. It was a really friendly and laid back service. You know the kind where members in the congregation will say “amen” during the service. Unfortunately the weather on Sunday was rainy and windy, so we finished church and went for a little drive. Because we are crazy tourists we had the windows open, and this huge, HUGE, bug flew in the window and landed on my mom. That bug was so so disgusting. After that we headed back to the condo where we had a lazy inside day. We actually also made our own high quality steak dinner. Like really good thick cuts of steaks, which is probably one of the best things about America.

Then it was Monday, and as per a typical Monday I ended up at a 24 hour clinic with an extremely sore throat to get some penicillin. Thankfully the weather was really nice so we spent hours just lounging by the pool. Then of course back to the condo to change for dinner. Our condo was in the perfect location just up the hill from Whalers Village Mall. Whalers Village Mall is this amazing open air mall. All the stores are enclosed but the walk between them is just outdoors. It’s an amazing mall. So we went to a restaurant just on the edge of the mall where we sat outside right next to the ocean. I had Fish and Chips and the food was so good, duh it’s fresh fish straight from the ocean. Then we headed back to the condo to watch another James Bond movie.

The next morning we woke up slowly and headed for breakfast at Slappy Cakes, which is a restaurant that has griddles built into the middle of the tables so you can cook your own pancakes. I also tried to order a mimosa, but didn’t get one because the waiter ID’d me. That was sad for me, I’ve never been ID’d before and I have a liquor serving license, I’ve been drinking for 2 years. After that disappointment we headed back to the pool for some more sun. Then mother of all coincidences, we went and bought Hawaiian pizza for supper. Hawaiian pizza isn’t even from Hawaii. My dad also tried a banana that my sister picked off a tree. He took one bight and spit it out because it was, and I quote, so bitter that his “entire mouth is dry”. Then he sat there and made weird faces until he loudly exclaimed that he had to go brush his teeth. Even that didn’t solve the problem so he continued to make weird faces. This is why you don’t eat suspicious fruit that you found on a tree outside your condo.

Then on Wednesday we woke up early and boarded the Taralani 2 to go on a snorkeling expedition and do some whale watching. We cruised for about an hour and saw some whales until we reached s mall bay. Then we were in the water. It was amazing we saw sea urchins and a whole array of colorful tropical fish. I even saw sea turtle, it swam right under me and surfaced about 2 meters from my head! It wasn’t huge but it was still amazing. Then we got back on the boat for some good old american barbecue. Then we were off to spy more whales. The boat captain even had a hydrophone that he put in the water and we could hear the whales singing and speaking to each other. We even got to see a mom whale with her calf really close to the boat and when we cheered they even ventured a little closer. Seeing huge whales is amazing. Unfortunately we didn’t see any dolphins and I was hoping that there would be some. After our boating excursion we stopped at the grocery store and went back to the condo where I made some deluxe Kraft dinner for the family. Of course we were all a little dizzy later at night because I could feel the waves and was getting a little nauseous. But hey I didn’t get sick on the boat so win for me.

And that was pretty much the end of the sunny days. Thursday was rainy, and we got up late, made some breakfast, and then piled in the car to go on a road trip to the Twin Falls. We stopped on the way to the falls at the North shore to watch the surfers. And the water was so blue and beautiful, I’ve never seen water that beautiful. We swam a bit in the falls, and then headed back to our condo to change for a fancy dinner. We went to a really expensive restaurant (Hula Grill) and I ordered some fish and chips of course. But the fish was extremely dry and very poorly seasoned so it was actually a pretty disappointing last meal in Hawaii. But we made up for the terrible dinner by getting gelato at Ono Gelato, which was really awesome.

And then it was Friday and time for me to go home. Ya just me, going home all on my own. Flying international for 7 hours all by myself. My family dropped me off and waited until I went through the gates and then I was alone for 2 hours until I boarded the flight. And then I was alone for 7 hours on a flight. Funny story though one of my University/Church friends was on the flight and we didn’t even see each other until the end of the flight. Then I went through customs, which was super easy, and waited for my luggage for half an hour. Then my awesome friend picked me up from the airport at like 1 in the morning (thank you awesome friend) and drove me to my car. Then I drove home in some windy drifty conditions and made it home around 3:30 in the morning. Travelling alone is a lot different than travelling with your family, and it’s definitely a lot more work, but at the same time I feel really accomplished because I flew all on my own and nothing bad happened at all. Yay me!

Over all the trip was amazing. 10/10 would recommend going somewhere warm. And a big thanks to my parents for letting me tag along on their exotic destination trip.


Hawaii 6 .jpgHawaii 14.jpgHawaii 10.jpgHawaii 9.jpgHawaii 8 .jpgHawaii 2.jpgHawaii 5.jpg

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  1. Hi Mack!,

    Isn’t Hawaii amazing..each island of course has its own charm. But Maui in February is all about those whales. God makes an amazing world! And huge creatures! May you be blessed to go back there in your lifetime!

    Love you!


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