When Valentine’s Day Turns into Galentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s day. The day that all couples look forward too. But the day that all single people dread, myself included.

Except for this year valentine’s day wasnt so bad after all. Why? Because my awesome roomate and I decided to celebrate Galentine’s day instead. It’s like valentine’s day for couples but is just a day for female freinds. So we made snacks and watched chick flicks. We drank wine and had a great night. The best part about it? We both didn’t have time on the 14th to hangout so we just picked a day that worked for us.

So no, we didn’t get the chocolate, flowers, or cute little stuffed animals that men get women every February 14. But what we did get was a great night of bonding and relaxing. And we got to do it all in sweatpants from the comfort of our own couch.

2 thoughts on “When Valentine’s Day Turns into Galentine’s Day

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  1. Ahhhh! This is life! Making memories of the small and the big moments and sharing them with friends! Way to go Mack…changing things up, to make them work for you! As a family that doesn’t drink anymore, we didn’t stop celebrating! We just changed it as well!


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