I Tried Modeling So You Don’t Have To!

Hey all,

As many of you know last weekend I became a model for a day. Ya, you heard that right, I was a model, for a day, for Once Upon A Bride at the Diamond’s Bridal Exhibition. How cool is that?

But wait, how did that happen? Well a month or so ago Once Upon a Bride put out an ad on Facebook looking for some girls to model some extra trunk show dresses. So I put my name down and got a message back saying that they filled all the spots. Bummer, but I was also relived because modeling was way out of my comfort zone anyways. But then two weeks ago on Tuesday my friend, who just so happens to work at Once Upon a Bride, texted me and asked me if I could come in on short notice and get measured because one of their models dropped out. So I went in and got measured, and it turns out that I was the perfect size to fit the dresses they needed modeled. So before I could talk myself out if it I told her that I would model the dresses in the show.

It was a rough week before the show. I was extremely nervous and my stomach hurt all week. Even after I went to the fitting, which was awesome, I was still completely nervous. I’ve never got to wear wedding dresses before, and at the rate my love life is going I probably won’t get to wear another one anytime soon. ;). Let me tell you, the dresses I got to wear were stunning. And then it was show day, when I had to get up and face the music.

The day started strange. I was slightly late, and then I had a drag queen curling my hair for 2 hours. I had never met a drag queen until that point. Needless to say, it was a bit of an experience. We talked about his drag shows that he and his boyfriend do. We talked about his large collection of Wonder Women dolls. We talked about church a little bit. And then we talked with his mom about her time working at the Raymond Mental Health Asylum, which was the most interesting story I’ve ever heard. Then after my hair was all curled, my stylist, who just so happens to be the owner of the Catwalk Salon, asked me if I wouldn’t mind if he took a boomerang of my hair and put it on the salon’s Instagram page. Then he put a shower cap on my head and sent me upstairs for makeup, which only took like 30 minutes. Then the salon sent me on my way looking all pretty, but with a shower cap on my head.

From there I went home to fix my eyelashes and get some gas, still with the shower cap on to keep my curls tight. And of course when I went to get gas, all the senior citizens were at the gas station, looking at me all weird because I apparently left the house with  a shower cap on. Let’s be real here, going out in public with a shower cap on is not even the strangest, or the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done, and I’m sure all the seniors have seen weirder things during their lives.  The lady behind the counter even asked me about it, which was kind of uncomfortable. But she also told me that I wore it well and looked very pretty.

Then it was off to the show, with a quick stop at Catwalk’s booth to get my curls brushed out a bit, which is were I met Caylin (I’m not really sure how to spell her name). I had actually talked to her mom earlier in the day when I was waiting to get my hair done. Caylin graduated the year before me from Winston Churchill, and was also skipping morning church service to do the show. Turns out she’s getting married in June to a professional (sort of) hockey player. And so a friendship was made (of course I don’t know her last name so we probably won’t talk again). Then me and her headed backstage to a huge curtained off section. Ya… I assumed there would be individual changing areas, but no, all 10 models changed in the same place. So that was like a whole new locker room situation with people that I didn’t know at all. It was also freezing back there, as in can’t feel your fingers freezing.

And then all of the sudden I was handed a plastic bag to put over my head (yes, kind-of murdery, but it’s just so that the dresses don’t ruin your hair or makeup when the dresses go over your head) and then the first dress was on, complete with a necklace and tiara. And then we were of to the stage in a long line of white dresses. Everyone from rookies to seasoned runway “professionals” who had done the show before. And every time before we went on stage we would stand in order and point out the things on other people’s dresses that we liked. That really helped to calm my nerves, seeing that everyone else was nervous and getting complimented. It was actually so much fun, just standing on the stairs with the girls trying to loosen up before we made our short walks up and down the runway. Everyone there was so pleasant and easy to talk to. It really was a great group of women, and I felt pretty comfortable around them, which I didn’t expect.

Now let me tell you a little bit about my walks down the runway. Stats – I minorly tripped twice and also stepped on my hem and had to stop walking to adjust it, which was very embarrassing for me. My first run, I tried to smile, but was so nervous that it just didn’t stick. And then as soon as it started I was off the runway and getting stuffed in another dress. This went on for ten dresses. 6 wedding dresses, and 4 bridesmaid dresses. And then on my second last dress I did something a little crazy. There was a little boy in the front row that was waving at all the models, so I bent down a little bit and waved at him, and his whole face lit up and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And then I turned around and saw one of my friends sitting watching me, which made me so so happy. Apparently she was there the whole show and I just didn’t notice because we were told not to look down while we walked so that we wouldn’t step on our hems.

Then it was finale time. I got to walk with a guy, his name was Travis, and it was the easiest runway walk ever because I had a support so I would’t fall over and I was wearing a super poufy dress which also made the walking easier. And then we were done, and changing, and leaving. I said goodbye to Caylin and then headed off to church. Of course I was an hour early for church and because I hadn’t eaten I was starving. But it was over, and I made it through the whole show.

Honestly it was a great experience. I was so nervous to do something this outside of my comfort zone, but it turned out really well. I think it’s something I would definitely do again, except for all the shows are on Sunday, so it’s probably not something that I’ll be doing again. It was awesome, but I’m not sure it was the best thing to skip church for.

Also I think I found the wedding dress that I might want in the future, not that that’s coming up anytime in the foreseeable future. It was a sparkly lace mermaid dress, with a strappy back and a very long lace train. I never thought I would actually look good in a mermaid dress, but it turns out that I do (who knew).  Of course that’s the one dress I don’t have a picture of. But I do have pictures for you all to look at. And I believe there will be more that Once Upon a Bride is going to release later. I’ll post the link when they do in case you want to see more pictures.

model 2.jpgmodel 3.jpgmodel 4.jpgmodel 6.jpgmodel 7.jpgmodel 9.jpgmodel 10.jpgmodel 11.pngmodel 12.pngmodel 13.pngmodel 14.jpgmodel 8.jpgmodel 5.jpgmodel 1.jpg



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