New Year! New Me?

Ah the traditional New Years resolutions. The one’s you write down, and work on for, I don’t know, like 3 days or something. The list you throw away when you find it back in your junk drawer of good intentions. Ya those New Years resolutions. The ones that I don’t make.

Ya, you read that right, I don’t make those resolutions anymore. Why? Well I never succeeded in keeping them anyways, so what’s the point in making them. And if I don’t keep them then I feel bad, so they are not something that I do anymore.

Be honest, who of my readers makes New Years resolutions? And if you do make them, do you actually keep them all year? Now I know there are some of you that have good intentions, you buy a gym pass, and you go for two weeks, then you feel good about yourself for three weeks, and then you stop going, and then you stop feeling good.

That’s why I don’t make them anymore. They make me feel bad about myself when I don’t keep them. Then come December 31 I get the blues because I didn’t accomplish all the things that I wanted to for the year.

But what if I resolve to not make New Years resolutions? Then am I making a New Years resolution and keeping it, or not? I bet you never thought of it like that before.

In all reality, what if you didn’t make a resolution at the end of this year? Instead of feeling bad because you didn’t accomplish your resolutions, just don’t make any. Instead of setting those very specific goals, why don’t you just strive to live the best life you can.

Personally I think that’s a much better way to live instead of setting yourself up for failure. That might make you feel better and more accomplished.


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