What do You Mean There’s no Connection?!

These last few weeks have been extremely stressful. I’ve been swamped by exams and final assignments for a week and a half. Thankfully I finished my last exam on Saturday. Yay me!

However, it was very surprising to me that I actually survived exams, despite all my tips and tricks to survive exams. Here’s why I struggled.

About half way through my exam period I woke up and there was no internet connection in my house. The same problem as last time, we had a mix-up with the bill. Turns out we hadn’t authorized our internet provider to withdraw money from the credit card every month.

That day we went without internet in our home for 12 hours. It might not seem like much, but as a student that relies on internet, especially during the high stress time of exams, 12 hours is a lifetime. After spending three hours in Starbucks, two hours writing an exam, and 4 hours bumming internet off our neighbor we were able to fix the internet that day, which put my studying back on track.

Then the night after my last exam, my phone up and died. It was an older phone that had been having problems for a few months. I was actually preparing to file a warranty claim and get a new phone. But then my phone froze, and two minutes later the screen went black and the entire phone was completely unresponsive. I spent 2 hours trying to reset my phone. It never turned back on.

After my phone died I faced a whole new problem. My roommates weren’t home and I had no way to contact my mother, or Best Buy, or anyone at all. That’s when I started feeling extremely panicked. I felt extremely alone and cut off. Let me tell you, that is not something I would ever like to feel again.

A partial solution came in the form of a very good friend. Thankfully my internet was working, and I happen to have a very functional laptop, so I had Facebook messenger. My friend came over after church and brought me a loaner phone. Of course, my SIM card didn’t fit into the loaner, so I ended up at Wal-Mart. They gave me an adapter for free! Apparently they have huge box of adapters that people give them when they don’t need them anymore, who knew?

So now I have a partially working phone. It is not ideal, but it works so I’m not cut off anymore. Hopefully I’ll have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 by Monday afternoon.

So what did I learn in all this mess? I learned that I am extremely dependent on my cell phone and my internet. I like being connected, or maybe I’ve been connected for so long that I just can’t go without it. I think I could go without my phone or the internet for a day, if I wanted to, and if I was prepared to. However, I think this experience was hard for me because it happened so suddenly, and I was not prepared. Unfortunately,  I like being prepared and in control, so facing a problem like this so suddenly was very difficult.  It was also hard because I had just finished my exams, so I thought my stress was over, but then my phone died and my stress level shot straight up.

All in all, at this point I have decided that I would rather have my technology than not have it. And hopefully from here on out it’s smooth sailing with my technological endeavors.

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  1. just started my day by reading all your posts. you write very well and are entertaining. It feels like you are right beside me. So whenever I miss you and don’t hear from you I can read your blogs. My day is already better than yesterday because I got to start it with you. Love Dad


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