My “Lawn”

When I was growing up, my mom told me to never walk on people’s front lawn. That is one lesson that has stuck with me even still. Unfortunately, so many people in our society do not respect other people’s lawn, or even their property.

When I look out my window and see people walk on my lawn I actually get offended. See, my roommates and  I live on a corner lot. Walkers seem to think that because we have so much lawn, they are just allowed to take a shortcut across it.

That’s not how I was raised, which is probably why it bothers me so much. There seems to be a general lack of respect growing in our community regarding other people and their property.

Here comes the clincher though. When I say lawn I really mean dry dirt and brown weeds. So is it really a big deal that people are walking over my weeds? It’s not a big deal that people walk over my weeds, it’s the principle of the matter though. People need to show some respect for other’s property.

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  1. I have a little story to add. So living by the golf course, you see all sorts of things! This summer 2 30 yr old dudes drive circles on my lawn searching for 1 (yes, only 1 ball)! Of course I said hmm, this is not the golf course! They sloughed me off! So I politely said to them, the least you could do is say sorry! It took a few minutes… some angry looks on their part ( for real) and when they finally made it back to the golf course a very grudging “ Sorry”. Yeesh! Worst ever!!


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