Do You Have Money For That?

This post is not so much going to be about how I have money to buy nice things. Because honestly, I have such a tiny amount of money put away for “fun spending”. But it is going to be about sale hunting and buying inexpensive items like the good Dutch girl I am.

As mentioned, I end up with really nice, good quality items by waiting for sales. I am subscribed to a few of my favorite stores, so then they send me email alerts when they have sales. This is the only way I will buy nice items. Usually I’ll wait for 40% off discounts or better.

Unfortunately I am a pretty common size in shoes and clothing, so sometimes my little sale-waiting method doesn’t work out. By the time the items are on good enough sale then stores sometimes don’t have the items I want in my size.

I also save money by stepping back and considering an item before just impulsively buying it. I ask myself questions such as: Do I need this item or do I want it? What in my closet will I be able to wear this with? Can this go with multiple different outfits? Will it only work for formal days like Sunday or can I wear this casually as well? What fabric/material is this made out of? Will I easily be able to wash it in a load with other items? Is the quality good? and of course I ask myself about the return policies.

All the questions I ask myself are the reason why I online shop from familiar stores. I can find items I want, then go through my questions to see if they are actually worth it, and then I can leave them in my cart until there is a sale on those specific items. This means that I usually have a few open carts on different websites, and I check my email often just in case there’s a sale.

That’s it, that’s my little shopping secret. Believe me, it takes until you are working on being financially self-sustaining to finally get the solid self-control to wait instead of impulse buying. And the wait is so worth it when you end up with quality, nice items for much cheaper than they were originally marked as.

So go forth readers, and happy sale hunting!

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