Move It!

When I moved out, it was sad, and scary, and lonely. Here I was, just a young 18 year old, out on my own in a scary world. My first few nights in my new house were rough. I was very lonely, and there were all sorts of new, scary sounds. In time it got better, I got more used to the fact that I was on my own, and that this was a normal thing for young people to go through.

Flash forward to now. Although I haven’t been living on my own for very long, I’m definitely 100% in my element. Sometimes money is tight, and sometimes it’s still a little lonely, I even miss my family sometimes (just kidding, mom if you’re reading this I miss you guys). But now I’m at the point where I really appreciate the freedom, and the extra time I gained by moving out. And I know that moving out on my own was the best thing for me. I needed an out, so I moved out.

I’ve also found that when you move to a new house, and a new church, you have an opportunity to become a new person. Not that I was a not good person before, but now I feel like I can be the best possible me.

Also moving to a new house is so exciting. You get to pick your own decorations, and even buy fancy IKEA furniture (yay me, most exciting thing ever), even though IKEA desk building should be considered an Olympic sport. You even get to pick your own places to hang things on your wall. Not to mention all the rules you get to make for yourself, including whether or not you make your bed in the morning.

Based on my experience, I would strongly suggest that everyone should move out of their parent’s house, and go live on their own. Living on your own is a great way to discover new things about who you are, and about what life is like. 10/10 would recommend.

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