How to Survive Exams

Disclaimer: I’m actually not sure if I survived exams or not.

Well, for those university and college students out there, we all know what time it is. That’s right it’s exams, again, because we didn’t just write exams a few weeks ago. (seriously why do professors schedule so many exams?)

Anyways, it’s exam time again. Or rather, since I was too busy with exams to post a blog last Saturday, it’s a few days after my last exam period.

So, how do I survive exam period?

Well, it involves a lot of studying. I read through textbooks and write down important information in a separate notebook. Then i read through the professor’s slides, or notes if they are gracious enough to provide them. And from that point I look back at my own notes that I took in class to see if I missed anything important. Once all that information is read through a couple times, I feel like I’m ready for the exam. Ya that process sounds pretty easy, and pretty quick. In all reality my whole studying processes takes about four hours… for every class… and I’m doing six courses… so my whole studying process usually takes twenty-four hours. That’s a lot of hours. (This is the minimum amount, so it can take longer depending on how much material was covered in class).

So twenty-four hours of studying, paired with whatever small quizzes, tiny assignments, papers, and presentations I also have to work on. Not to mention that during exam period you still have to attend classes. In all reality studying for exams is really hard, and can take a large amount of effort and motivation. Let’s not forget all the stress that comes along with exams as well.

So what do I do to survive exams?

It’s easy really. I operate on a breaks as reward system. Meaning that every time I finish a chapter, topic, or section, I take a break to reward myself. Breaks are really important. They give your brain time to absorb the information that you just read, which helps you remember it come exam time.

What do breaks look like for me? Usually a break involves taking a small walk, maybe doing some crunches or push-ups. Often times it’s something physical. Because it’s one thing to further your brain, but you cant forget to also take care of your body. I also take longer breaks to make dinner or snacks. But not junk food snacks, it’s usually fruit or vegetables. I find that healthy food is so much more refreshing when your studying. Sometimes for a break I watch a half hour show on Netflix too, but mostly only after I’ve finished a large chapter or even the whole course of studying.

And the most important thing that i do when studying, is drink water! For one, your body needs water to function properly. And for two staying hydrated helps improve brain function. And let’s be honest, who couldn’t use a little improved brain function around exams.

That’s it, that’s all I can help you with. Don’t overwhelm yourselves. And good luck on your next exam!

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