Why I’m Doing Six Courses

“Why are you doing six courses???”

I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked that question last semester and this semester. So to clear the air, yes I am doing six courses at the University. And yes at some points it is as crazy as it seems, but no it isn’t nearly as bad as you think.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes all the deadlines and assignments are overwhelming. Sometimes they all seem to fall on you at the same time (hence the drowning picture that is headlining this message). And yes sometimes you mix up information. However the mix-ups aren’t bad because most of my courses fit together in such a way that lots of the information has been covered in other courses.

But overall six courses is easily manageable with the right amount of determination. Also it’s much better for your budget to do six courses. Each semester costs roughly 1000 in tuition and extras, plus 500 for every course you add. So by adding an extra 500 every semester, you can save the 1000 if you cut off a semester or two.

The money saving is only one reason why I choose to do six courses a semester. The other reason is that I would love to at least cut off one semester, ideally two. That way I’ll be done university earlier, which means I can move on to the career part of my life. Because let’s be honest, six years of university is a lot, five years seems a lot better.

So yes, I’m doing six courses, and yes I’m hoping to do six courses for as long as I can manage without my GPA dropping.

One thought on “Why I’m Doing Six Courses

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  1. Well Mack!! That is a challenge alright! You forgot to add that on top of it all you are working 2 nights a week! 😳!!! Good job girl! Keep up the good work!


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