Time Management

Today, I finished my first paper of year two. It was six pages long, with a two page reference list and a beautiful title page. By all appearances it is a beautiful paper.But there is one problem with it. It was supposed to be done a week ago, so that it wouldn’t be a last minute paper. But low and behold I finished it today.

That brings up one of life’s biggest concepts. Time management. Honestly time management is my biggest problem as a university student. Because not only do you have to manage class schedules and assignments, you also have to manage your life and work, and cleaning and cooking.

So what do I do?

Well I make lists. Like a daily to do list and a weekly one. I make food plans and grocery lists, and I try to prioritize which subject I focus on for my university work.

Not only are lists super helpful in making sure you don’t forget anything, they are super rewarding. Personally I get deep satisfaction from crossing things off a list and then looking back and seeing how much things I accomplished in the day.

Am I an amazing time manager. Absolutely not. But so far, my list system has made it so that all the things I need to do get done.

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  1. There is a deep fear when it comes to this subject; the fear of wasting time. We are all guilty of it, and only when you manage it by time-blocking your schedule, will you be able to evade that fear.


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