The Life Lesson

To be fair, this is going to be a re-post.

About a year ago, when I graduated from High School, I had a lot of mixed feelings. So in the height of all my emotion, I posted on Instagram. I received a lot of positive feedback. Lots of people didn’t believe that I was the one that wrote it. But I did, and as far as I know, these words helped a few people at the time. Because of this, I decided to include these words in my blog. This has to be one of my favorite things that I have ever written. This is what I wrote:

“You know when you’re little and in elementary school. You look up at all the big kids and think, “man, I can’t wait to be that big. They can drive. They have no rules. They have all the friends. They are cool and pretty and smart. They have their whole life figured out and nothing scares them. I can’t wait to be that old”. That mentality stays with you in junior high. You are still waiting to be grown up and cool. Like the old kids you used to idolize and still idolize.

Then you hit grade 12. You realize that you are not all cool. You don’t have all the friends. You’re not pretty like the people you idolized in elementary. You aren’t that smart. You still have rules. You definitely do not have everything all figured out and so many things still scare you. But now you aren’t scared of monsters hiding in your room. You are scared of commitment. Bad decisions. Getting hurt by people. Death of loved ones. And real life problems that you can’t control.

The real irony happens when you look down at kids in elementary and think, “your life is amazing. I wish I could be little again. I could be carefree and not have to worry about anything other than if you can get on the swings at recess. You have no idea how hard it is to get older. Stay young. Stay free and happy”.

People grow. They change. Your friends move away. And life seems to fall apart when you grow up. It never goes the way you thought it would go when you were little. Pieces fall out of you and you can’t be out together all the time. Life is not just school.

That’s how life works. You always spend time wishing that you could be something or someone else. When you are young you can’t wait to grow up. And when you grow up all you want is to be better or just be young again. But maybe there comes a time when you just need to focus on living.

Life is not easy. There will always be a block in the road. There will always be hardship. And sometimes there will be hell to go through. But you just need to go on. Just live like crazy and appreciate every minute. Because you never know which minute will be the best and which will be the worst. Just slog through and keep on living. And enjoy life when you’re young because you will only get older. And there’s no going back.”

There it is, all my amazing wisdom in one post. We’ll see if I can ever top that.

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