My Parents’ Thoughts When I Decided to Start Blogging.

My parents and I are close. So it was only natural that when I decided to start a blog, that I would tell them my plan, and run some of my ideas past them.

However when I brought it up, my mom also decided that she would like to start a blog. She said it would be a great place to share all her vast wisdom with the world. Now it is true, my mom has copious amounts of wisdom, but personally I don’t think the world is ready for my mom starting a blog. Besides, she wants to be blog buddies, and I don’t know what to think about that. (Sarcasm, if my mom starts a blog, I would totally read it).

As we were talking about me starting a blog, and my mom also wanting to start one, my dad chimed in with, “maybe I should start a blog too”.  That spiked a whole conversation about what would happen if my dad became a blogger. His blog would be covered in classic dad jokes, and insane wisdom. Because like my mom, my dad has a lot of wisdom. Mom and I decided that Dad’s blog would be really funny, because sometimes my dad makes up words or uses the wrong words, resulting in some very funny concepts and ideas. This was illustrated right away when my dad decided that his blog would be anonymous, and then said that his first post would start out with, “hello, this is                “. (I omitted his name because I would rather not air my family’s names online, for safety reasons). Obviously If my dad’s first post contains his name, then he isn’t writing anonymously. The real funny part about this all, is that he was serious.

So lets just say that it would be entertaining if either one of my parents started a blog. However for the moment it’s better that they don’t. Especially because it took me a good solid 5 hours to figure out how to work WordPress. It would take a lot longer for “old people” to figure it all out. ;P.

2 thoughts on “My Parents’ Thoughts When I Decided to Start Blogging.

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  1. Well……..there also is a saying that……… ‘young people have more knowledge because our brains aren’t decaying.’ HA HA HA 🙂 I just made that up. I understand what you are saying Mack.


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