Putting My Best Foot Forward

Hello readers.

This is my very first blog post, on my very first blog. Obviously I’m extremely excited to start this new chapter in my journey. I hope that this blog is a blessing to many of you over the course of time that I am running it.

I thought I would start this blog by putting my best foot forward. I chose to put my right foot forward. Personally I prefer my right foot over my left. It is shaped better, and thanks to a series of injuries to my left foot, it is also less swollen. If I had to show anyone my feet, I would show them my right foot and not my left one.

So enjoy this picture of my right foot, my best foot, and I hope in putting my best foot forward I have peaked your interest enough that you’ll continue reading my content in the months or even the years to come.

  • Kenze V.


3 thoughts on “Putting My Best Foot Forward

Add yours

  1. Dear Mack,

    So proud of you for starting your blog! I hope it is a wonderful journey. You definitely started with a good foot forward!! I like your right one better too;)

    Love Mom


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