Why Have I Been Gone For So Long?

Wow all, just wow. It has been almost ten months since my last post, which is absolutely crazy! So, what have I actually been up to this whole time? Well, let me tell you!

In the summer of 2019, I actually landed my dream summer job. It was an amazing experience with amazing people. I learned a lot about how to work in a professional environment, I learned a lot about the different situations that people live in, and I learned a lot about my faith. Overall, I would rate the summer job as a 10/10. Beyond the job, I don’t remember much (it feels like summer was so long ago!) But I did finally get to make my first trip out to Waterton! My road-trip pal and I didn’t stay long, so I would love to go back this summer, that is if the park will be open again…

In May (which for a university student is part of summer) I also had the opportunity to see Carrie Underwood live in concert. But, I won’t talk more about this except to say that it was the most dream-fulfilling experience I’ve had. If you are new to the blog you can read about my experience here; and welcome to my blog! Then in August I had the opportunity to eat at an Olive Garden (after not eating there for at least three years). Now, this might not seem like much, but I love Love LOVE Italian food, and Olive Garden happens to be my favorite restaurant. Unfortunately for me, there is no Olive Garden where I live. The closest one is just over two hours away.

Now, as I write about my summer I realize that not much happened that I can remember except for work. And I’m not really sure if that’s normal. But then again, I’m not normal at all… All I know is that overall it was a good summer for me.

Then September of 2019 rolled around, and with it came the beginning of my very last semester of my University degree. This semester was better than all others. I had finally gotten into a class that I had been hoping to do since my second semester, and I made new friends while taking courses from a totally different major than my own (I took psychology so normally I would take neuroscience or sociology or health courses to fill my requirements, this semester I took a couple of New Media courses). One of my new friends introduced me to the secret staircase. Now, this might not seem that amazing because it’s just stairs. But, anyone who has ever been to the University of Lethbridge knows about the Fine Arts stairs. The Secret staircase runs parallel to the Fine Arts stairs, but there are rarely other people taking them. This means that you can struggle to breath while you climb the stairs and you can take breaks from climbing without feeling like somebody is judging your lack of physical fitness! The secret stairs also have a platform where students that live on campus leave little surprises (like candy at Halloween, and random chair placement, and pictures of famous people). I’m pretty sure there was something new on the platform every time I took the secret stairs!

In September in addition to University, I started a counsellor training course. Six weeks worth, with classes every other weekend (from Friday evening to all day Saturday). Of course, this semester was supposed to be my easy semester; I was only taking five courses instead of six. But the thought of adding such an amazing experience was exciting, so I dived in head first to emotionally draining myself every other weekend! I will write a post about this course in the future, because it’s too life-changing to only mention in one post.

In October I was finally able to apply for graduation. This was a super proud moment for me. And it is also a key bit of information to remember as my stories about what kept me from blogging unfold. October also brought the start of a new part-time job for me. Nothing major, but at least it was a job!

November only held crazy amounts of homework and assignment deadlines. This is typical of November in the fall semester of University. For some reason, every single professor decides that they will make their students’ lives easier by making final projects and presentations due in November so that the students can be less busy around final exam time in December. This is a great theory, and it would be very beneficial to students… except that every professor is thinking the same thing. The reality becomes that in trying to ease the burden of finals, professors create a burden in November, and then students still have to go through the stress of finals. I did finish my counsellor training course in November though, so that was one thing that was off my plate. Then another was added when my favorite room-mate told me that she was applying to transfer to a different college in a different city (she left mid-December). And that was really sad, because over the years my room-mate became one of my closest friends. Without her, there would be no more snack-and-talk in the kitchen, no more church carpool, and no more random ice-cream runs. So the challenge became to balance school and make the most of the remaining room-mate time! And if you’re reading this former room-mate, you made my life so much better and I appreciate you, and I miss living with you. I’m just glad that we still have opportunities to see each other!

My busy-ness level increased as December arrived. Studying and finals began in early December. I am not the kind of student who tests well, so exam season leaves me extremely stressed out. Thankfully, this semester I only had two final exams!

December was the time when I climbed the Fine Arts stairs for the last time and left campus for what I thought would be the last time. I went home and watched movies with my room-mate. I handed in my last exam, and I finally ripped my semester to-do list off the wall! I can’t adequately explain what it felt like to finish all my assignments and complete my degree requirements. It was as if a huge burden, one that I didn’t fully realize was on me, was lifted off of me and all my stress was gone. I was overwhelmingly excited. It was finally time to celebrate, with family and friends, my achievement. And so, my mom hosted a casual graduation get-together at her house. Nothing big, just a perfect celebration night. At this point, it seemed like my life was open before me, and nothing could stop me from finally living it. But I was wrong…

December 16, 2019. The final grades were finally released. And I found out I failed my first ever course; a failure by a mere 1.25%. I had never felt devastation like that. Amid pure panic I had to contact a professor and beg for some grace, for anything that I could do to raise that mark up to a passing grade. Now, this was in a course that I had pushed a little more to the side than any other course. Every student knows this, there is always one course in a semester that you choose to focus less on so that you can focus on other assignments and deadlines. This course was that course for me. I knew I was not doing amazing in it, but I thought I was doing good enough to pass. Silly me, I forgot to double-check my syllabus, if I did I would’ve known that a passing grade in this course was 5% more than in any other course. My professor told me that I could re-write my paper and submit it on December 18 so that it could be graded before the final marks were submitted. Two days is not enough time to raise a paper grade by 10%. The only other option available was to take an “incomplete” in the course. This would give me more time to revise the paper. After a day of depression and cloudiness, I chose to take the incomplete. This was really hard for me, because all my stress had just been lifted, but then it all came crashing down on me again. I was left with extreme anxiety and worry that even after revising my paper I would not pass the class. Then I would have to take another course in the Spring semester, which would ruin everything I’d imagined my life would become in 2020 (which in light of the world now, 2020 is nothing like I’d imagined anyways). To add to the craziness on December 18, 2019, my landlady told me that she had sold the house. There was no prior warning that she was considering selling the house, and I needed to be out in February. That sent me into a spiral of trying to balance rewriting my paper and trying to find a place to live. Finding a new place to live is no easy task when you have exhausted your financial resources with school and are only working three shifts a month. December had turned into one big mess. Christmas was overshadowed by stress, but I tried my best to put aside my life and enjoy the holiday season. And there were good parts in the holidays too!

January arrived, and with it, the dawn of a new decade. Enter all the crazy New Year’s jokes about seeing 2020. I celebrated the new year and then I celebrated my birthday with my family. Then it was time to buckle-down and finish rewriting the paper that my future hung on. The paper was finished, it was submitted on Friday afternoon, and then I waited all weekend… Monday came and I went to visit my grandparents (they had gone to an appointment and I met them there to surprise them). As I got in my car to head home I received the email I had been waiting for all weekend. I have never been so scared of an email before. I took a breath and read the words, “your paper needs no more editing as it has far exceeded the minimum grade needed to pass the course”. And in that moment I happy cried, because that crushing stress was again lifted. Now, all I needed to worry about was where I was going to live come February.

The last week of January finally arrived. I still was unsure of where I was going to live. But believe me, wherever it was, I was going to be a new person when I got there. Cue an activity that signals to the outside world that changes are happening for a woman. I went and changed my hair! I shortened it, but not by much because that would be crazy. And then I lightened it, by a lot (you can check it out in the picture attached to this post). And I still love it! Changes were happening anyways, so I might as well change with them.

Enter February 2020. I packed up my whole life and I moved – straight into my parents house. I will also be writing a post about what this is like at a later date. February 2020 also brought with it a new part-time job as a waitress in an amazing restaurant, with good co-workers, and a great boss. Living with my parents might not have been ideal, but at least I had a part-time job so I could bandage up my finances and move forward on finding a new home. Being able to finally work and not have to worry about school and deadlines was an awesome feeling. And the job fulfilled my desires to interact with people which was a total bonus.

Then March happened. Wow did March happen. I’m still not really sure how March happened, but it did. The month really did start out good. I had a lot of work shifts at both my jobs and I was able to attend the PBR, which I love, even though I am a mere town girl. There is something about the energy of bull-riding and the community surrounding it that draws me in and excites me. So I was very grateful to have the opportunity to watch the PBR again! But then, March took a really weird turn. At the start of 2020 there had been news reports of a novel virus that was spreading rapidly. And that’s all well and good. It was just news, and seemed like stories until it hit closer to home in March. Businesses started shutting down, people started isolating, the world as we all knew it started shifting, and in the span of less than a week I lost both of my jobs (temporarily at least, but still a loss).

I am hoping to also write a post about the Covid-19 situation and how it affects the world, and how it affects my world. But that will remain in the drafts until I find the right words. What I will say now, is that the situation is sucky. But, with my job loss and the slow-down of the world, I finally feel as though I have time to take control of my blog again. And that for me creates new excitement and anticipation. I hope that there are some out there who will read my posts and maybe, just maybe, my words will help keep the boredom at bay for a little while.

Happy corona-cation everyone! Stay safe, stay smart, stay home (if you can; huge thank-you to the front-line workers!), and stay healthy.

And again, welcome back to my Blog!


MMM & Me.

Hi again all,

I’ve realized I’m not so good at keeping up with regular blog posts as I used to be. I have so many other things on the go lately. So I decided to write about one of those aforementioned things!

For those of you who know me personally, or even follow my personal social media pages, you may have noticed some changes I’ve made to my wardrobe.

About 1.5 years ago I took a chance on a company based out of Utah. They have an amazing online store. The product that they sent me, was high quality, and unique to the area I live in.

I became a regular browser, and customer of the store, and I absolutely love their products! I have not received a single article from them that I didn’t immediately love!

In fact, I love the store so much that I want to share it with my family, friends, and my readers. I have partnered with the store as an affiliate. As an affiliate I have been assigned a referral URL and a discount code that I am more than willing to share! I also receive 10% commission for every order made using my URL or discount code.

Now you all must be dying to know what the store is called. Some of you already know. The store is Mindy Mae’s Market.

Of course I need to state that I am not receiving any extra payment or products for writing about this store. All I get is the 10% commission if you shop using my URL or code. I do not usually do things like this, and I debated for a long while if I should write about it on my blog. I finally decided it was time to share my store with my readers.

So, if you are interested and want to shop this amazing online store, I ask that you please access the website using my URL Mindy Mae’s Market. And if you want to make a purchase, let me gift you a 15% discount. During checkout just put AFFMACKENZIEV15 into the coupon code section!

I have to tell you all that the ladies that run the store are amazing. You can follow their Facebook and Instagram to earn gift cards by interacting and to see all the newest releases and restocks. You’ll soon find out that Mondays are the most exciting because there are always new releases going live.

So all, check them out! And don’t forget to use my URL and discount code to show me a little love too!

Thanks all!

  • Kenze V.


What is it Like to See Your Hero Live?

This past week I had the great privilege of seeing my absolute favorite artist ever. Yes, that’s right, I went and saw Carrie Underwood!!!! I always told myself I would give anything to go see her live. Thankfully, I didn’t have to give anything. Obviously it was an overwhelming experience for me, and because it’s been five days since I went and I’m still bursting with excitement, I thought I would share the experience with you.

I don’t remember when in my life I started liking Carrie Underwood. What I do remember is that I spent hours on YouTube listening to her music and watching her videos. I remember that my favorite video to watch was ‘Just a Dream’. I loved the song,  what it sounded like, what it meant. It spoke to my younger self’s melancholy. And I’ve been hooked ever since.

Now let’s pause for a second to fan-girl (or boy) over Carrie Underwood. In 2005 she won American Idol, she was only 21 years old. That’s the same age as I am now! Compare me to her, at 21 her life changed and she became one of the biggest female country music artists of this time, at 21 I’m writing a blog in my worn out leggings and mis-matched socks in my basement. In her audition Carrie Underwood was told that her vocals were amazing, but she was challenged to work on her stage presence. Let me tell you; she nailed that challenge! Since 2005 she has made history in the entertainment world. The year after she won American Idol she already won the Billboard Music Awards’ country new artist of the year, female country artist of the year, and album of the year. Then in 2007 she won the Grammy for best new artist. That’s not even the best part! In 2008, just 3 years after she won American Idol, Carrie Underwood was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, which is an organization of the most elite in country music. I once heard that she was the youngest inductee into the Opry. She also holds the Guinness World record for most country #1’s for a female artist in the United States (2010). Then there are the countless other awards and nominations she’s received in the 14 years she’s been singing.

Back to concert day. I woke up bright and early-ish to work out, eat, pack, and get ready. My mom and sister picked me up around noon and we were off to Rogers Place. Road trips with the family are always a joy! We finally made it to our destination, where we changed quick in a Subway bathroom and joined up with my Aunt and two cousins to head to the Center together.

I’m from a smaller city and our event center is big, at least I thought it was until I stepped foot in Rogers Place. That center is massive, 20,000 seats massive! The first act started, but we headed to the swag table to pick up hoodies, because who goes to a concert and doesn’t leave with swag? The first act was Runaway June, and they sounded good, they then passed the stage to Maddie and Tae. They were also good, but nothing could prepare me for the entrance of Carrie Underwood. There were screens, and visuals, and sounds, and hype. And then there she was, rising out of the floor like the star she is.

And then it was two straight hours of back-to-back songs and quick costume changes. The song line-up was amazing, she didn’t just sing songs from her recent album, but songs from her entire career. I have never been to a concert with such high, fast-paced energy. The song line-up was amazing, each song seemed to transition smoothly and play off of the one before it.

I’m not going to lie, I was floored by Carrie Underwood’s vocal talent. I’ve heard it said that lots of stars use auto-tune on their albums, so they sound different in concert. I’m pleased to announce that Carrie Underwood sounded amazing in concert. She didn’t falter once, save for when she forgot her lyrics and made a joke about it. It’s always a little nice when a star makes a mistake, because you remember that they’re just people too. And her talent doesn’t stop at vocals. She was on stage playing the piano, guitar, and even bongos. Her and the band put fun spins on so much songs.  I spent almost the entire concert in goosebumps. But, there was one moment that rose above all the others. About halfway through the concert Carrie did a medley with some of her older songs. She started with ‘Temporary Home’, which led to ‘See you Again’, then into ‘I Know You Won’t’, then ‘Just a Dream’, and she finished with a cover of Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’. Now if anyone has ever heard ‘Dream On’ there’s a part of it where Aerosmith gets all screamy and high pitched (if you haven’t heard it go have a listen). Well, Carrie Underwood did that high pitched part. No screaming and no screeching, just pure talent. My whole body was covered in chills. I honestly have never heard anything that amazing in my life. And all that sound came from a woman who just had a baby just four months ago.

Not only was the sound amazing, but Carrie Underwood’s wardrobe was awesome. I know that’s such a girly thing to say, but I have never seen so much sparkle on one woman. You always knew where she was on the stage because the light caught her at every angle.

Overall, it was the best concert I’ve ever been too, and most likely the best one I’ll ever go to. There is no wonder in my mind why Carrie Underwood won the ACM entertainer of the year award twice in a row!

So what is it like to see your hero live? It’s amazing! It was definitely worth every penny and she met all my expectations and more. Also please excuse my sad picture, my camera was a little dirty on my phone.



An African-American, a Hispanic, and a White Girl: What I Learned About Myself.

When I worked my job over the summer I was unsure at the start if I would like it or not. The work was unlike anything I’d ever done. I was unsure if I could survive from six in the morning until three in the afternoon. I was so close to quitting in the first week. I was working on machines that I was completely uncomfortable with because they were so new, and I was working with people form all over the world, who all seemed so much smarter and more prepared than I was.

If it wasn’t for the kindness of the foremen and my coworkers and all the help they gave me over the summer, but especially in the first few weeks, I doubt I would’ve stayed at the job. What surprised me was how much every other worker was willing to help me learn how to work with the machines. And so I worked with the machines, for weeks. It seemed like forever. And I slowly made connections and workplace friendships with the other workers. For me working part time in a place of shift work was exciting. My hours didn’t change, I always showed up at six and left at three (except for the occasional extra overtime day), but there were three other crews who rotated every week. For me, it was always exciting at the start of every new week to get to work with a different crew. And so I continued on the machines until mid-June.

We occasionally worked on special orders. Sometimes I would still be working the machine, but other times I got to work manual labour in a different section of the shop. And once the schools let out, I moved to more permanently manual labour. At this point I only covered the machines on breaks or when we were short-staffed. I was switched from something I didn’t much enjoy and didn’t feel successful in, to working with an amazing crew of part-timers doing something exciting and fun. Although the manual labour part could be stressful, it was still amazing to do. Near the end of the summer I was so comfortable in the work environment, I was happy with the people I worked with, and I was skilled at running the machines without becoming stressed out.

Honestly, the work was hard, it wasn’t always what I wanted to be doing, and because of the hot summer we had it was really difficult to continue working at a good pace. But I triumphed through and was rewarded with smiles and laughs from my coworkers. I learned that even in a hard-working position there was still room to have fun, and to have small competitions. I learned that the bosses cared about their employees, and they showed it in Gatorade and weekly barbecues.

And most importantly I learned that although hard manual labour is not what I hope to be doing in my future there’s nothing wrong with it. I learned that I can wake up at 4:30 in the morning every day and push myself until the afternoon and yet still sometimes have the energy to do other things. I learned how strong I was in overcoming obstacles such as frustrating machinery and killer heat. I learned that just working with people who come from other places in the world can teach you so much about different cultures. I learned how to better communicate, and how to have fun at work. I learned how to better time manage to meet deadlines, which has helped me especially in this semester at school to keep on top of my assignments. I learned words in different languages. I learned how to work in a team, and even sometimes how to better take leadership in a team. I learned how to not make harsh judgments of people based on my first impressions rather than getting to know them. I learned about workers compensation and the struggles of certain people who had been injured in the workplace, and what to do in emergency situations. I learned how to listen better.

I wish I could name names, but due to privacy reasons I won’t be. But to everyone who I worked with over the summer, I wanted to say thank-you for working with me, laughing with me, and joking with me. And thank you for all he help you gave me, and the new challenges and experiences that you experienced with me. Thank you for the amazing summer, and the awesome work environment. You truly made a hard job so much better and I appreciate it a lot.

I’ve Been Gone Sooo Long…

As you may have noticed, my last published blog post was from last summer. It’s almost been an entire year since I last posted! You may be wondering why its been so long. To be honest I’m wondering why it’s been so long. Writing a blog post usually only takes me an hour or so. So why have I not been able to spare an hour in the last eight months? I really don’t have a good answer. Nothing dramatic or exciting has happened to me in the last eight months that would stop me from being able to post.

All that has happened is that I worked a job. I was working from six in the morning until three in the afternoon or later. I found the job to be energy draining, especially in the insane heat we had over the summer. By the time I got home and ate and showered I just didn’t feel like I had the energy or the drive to do anything. Blogging got thrown out the window, along with reading, and exercising. Oops.

Then school started fast and hard in September, again I just didn’t have time. Every minute I spent on my computer was used on school work. By the time the work was done for the day, I had no desire to look at my computer screen for even one more minute. I had more important things to do than blog so I pushed it back. Like many other things I put blogging off, telling myself that I would do it later.

I finished the semester and had a quick Christmas break. With all the visiting and family events blogging got pushed aside once again, and in the time I did have, all I wanted to do was relax and catch up on cleaning and other things.

Of course right after Christmas break I started my next semester. This one so far has been less busy. I’m more on top of my school work and healthy living. I feel more in control of my life.  So today I picked up my laptop and opened my blog page, and here I am.

I would like to thank all of you for your patience while I figured out my life and procrastinated on writing my blog. I have some interesting posts coming up (at least I think they are interesting, you might think they are boring) and I’d love if you spent your busy time reading my posts as well. Believe me, I know that this blog is not as important as other things in your lives. But hey! If you find yourself with spare time I’d love if you read my interesting/boring blog posts.

Happy reading all! And welcome back to the Immackulate Journey!

Ladies Only, Men Forbidden.

Hey ladies, let’s have a talk. A talk about something that we all experience. I strongly recommend that any men reading this should stop now for the sake of your poor brains. Trust me this is not something you’ll want to read. But ladies, please continue reading, you might learn something new, something that has the possibility of changing your life and making it just a little bit easier.

Ladies; periods, menstruation, the crimson tide, shark week, riding the cotton pony, you know – THAT time of the month. We all go through it (unless you have passed/reached menopause or just haven’t had yours yet). But for the most part we all know the struggle. The little surprises, the cramps, the weird weight gain and bloating, the little leaks, the messes, and the endless amount of money spent on products that you just throw away after a few hour of use.

Now, I’m not the kind of person that will change over from disposable products, to reusable products just for the sake of the environment. However, I am the kind of person that likes a product that will make my life a little more easy or comfortable. And about 5 years ago I found a product like that.

I’m talking about the Diva Cup©. Yes I am one of those strange people that uses a menstrual cup rather than using traditional menstruation products like tampons and pads. And no, I don’t feel weird or abnormal or uncomfortable for using one and admitting that I do. In fact, whenever the topic of periods comes up (as it sometimes does between girls) I am the first one to freely say that I use a cup, and yes I highly recommend using one to everyone I talk to about periods.

So let me tell you a little bit about what it’s like using a menstrual cup. I’m not going to lie to you, the first few times you use the cup, it feels strange, and can be very uncomfortable and messy. Basically you buy a cup, it comes with a cute little storage bag, and a paper of very clear instructions for use and care. Follow the instructions and you will be just fine.

For me it took a few tries to get the cup where it’s supposed to be, that’s the part that can get uncomfortable, and kind of messy. This makes it a little difficult to change out your cup if you are in a public washroom, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Besides a cup can stay in for up to 12 hours, so the likelihood of needing to change it in a public washroom is very small. Once you figure out how to get your cup in to a point where it is comfortable, then you’ll notice that you don’t feel it at all.

Pretty much, the cup goes in, it stays in for up to 12 hours and then you take it out, clean it up, and put it in again. I find that the cup keeps everything a little more clean throughout the day, sometimes a leak might happen, but it’s never a bad one (I do however recommend wearing a liner when you have the cup in, just in case).

I also notice that when I use my cup, my cramps and pain are much less. It even reduces the stress and anxiety that every girl has in regards to “leaking” or “bleeding through”. A menstrual cup is definitely something that I recommend every woman tries at least once. It’s a small investment for a huge payout. The cup I have only costs about $60 at most, which seems like a lot. However the cup lasts very long. In comparison, I used to have to buy 1 pack of tampons for every month. one years worth of tampons is much more expensive than buying a cup.

My cup is the only thing that takes my period from being the worst weeks of my life, to being just weeks of my life. Honestly ladies, if there’s one product that you should use in your life it is a menstrual cup. Go, try one, and thank me later.

Now for you men that ended up reading through this whole post anyways despite the first paragraph, I’m sorry. And I definitely recommend that you do not go out and try menstrual cups. Let’s just leave this one for the ladies, shall we?


Hey all!

It’s been a long time since I last published on my blog. As some of you know, I’ve been busy.

Well, exams are over and I passed my second year of University. When I finish a year it means that for the summer I’ll be working, trying to make enough to continue paying my university and living expenses. Unfortunately this year, I missed most of the application deadlines for the jobs that students get in the summer, due to sickness and an overload of coursework. So come the end of April I was still looking, and applying anywhere and everywhere no matter the job or the paycheck. I did manage to find a job, thanks to some strong connections, but that’s a topic for my next blog post.

What I really want to talk about today, is the problem of finding a job as a student. There are many of you that are familiar with the standard summer job posting available to students. Many students will try to work on summer crews under the government or in the city or town that they live in, many more will look to campgrounds and recreation areas to do general labor for the summer. The unfortunate part of these jobs is that the opportunity window to send in your application just so happens to fall at one of the busiest times of the year in regards to school work and exams, and once you miss the window it is extremely difficult to get your resume to the right people. Besides, sending in a resume late is never a good idea because it portrays you as someone who is not responsible.

So, if you’re like me, you end up missing the application deadlines and then scouring every town, city, and government website, along with Kijiji postings, and all the jobs on Indeed; applying for all the jobs that you could possibly be qualified for, and even some that are a long shot, hoping that something will pay out. There really are no shortage of jobs. Well, that is if you have several years of experience, or a degree/diploma, of you are applying for full time not just summer temporary full time. With all those restrictions it becomes harder and harder to find jobs that are available to you.

Of course there is also the issue of making enough money. My qualifications say minimum wage, but all my expenses crave a job that pays $20 or higher just to pull through. I guess minimum wage would be enough if you just had to pay your living expenses and all. But minimum wage is not enough to pay your living expenses, your university fees, and maybe save up just enough so that one day your dream of owning a house can come true. It also doesn’t help when the prices of everyday necessities such as groceries and gas are so high.

With all that, I’m sure you can see that the job hunt as a student is difficult to say the least. Thankfully I ended up actually getting a job, and one that pays a little more than minimum wage, even though it’s not the kind of job I hoped for…but hey it is a job.

But that’s a different topic, for a different day. Feel free to comment any suggestions or tips for my future job searching in the comments section of this post. Or, you could always shoot me an email at animmackulatejourney@gmail.com.

What I Learned From My Mom: Hand Soap Edition!

There are so many things that I have learned from my mom, so much that I decided that, if I can figure out how, I’m going to make a separate section of my blog titled – “What I Learned From My Mom”. This is the first post in that section.

So here it is, I’m sure that all of you are familiar with Bath and Body Works and their products, particularly their line of hand soaps. As you know they have a wide range of scents, and their products change with the seasons. They also have several different styles: deep cleansing, foaming, and the nourishing hand soaps. I’m also sure that each one of my readers has a favorite scent. Mine is by far the Peach Bellini soap, I love how fresh, fruity, and clean it smells. I personally find that some of the soap scents are very strong, overpowering, and off-putting, which is why I like the light scent of the Peach Bellini so much, it’s just subtle.

Now at this point you must be dying to know what I learned from my mom about hand soap. Well it helps for you to know that my mom does not spend copious amounts of money, least of all on fancy hand soap, she would rather buy the cheaper stuff you can get from Walmart – because why not, it all cleans the same anyways right? And ya, she’s right about that, fancy soap is a huge waste of money –  I mean it is $6.50 a bottle. And that is why my mom only buys Bath and Body Works hand soap when it is on awesome sale and she has coupons, so she ends up spending around $2.00-3.00 a bottle instead, which is about the same price as any regular hand soap.

So when I moved out, I decided that I would love to buy fancy hand soap but only when it’s on the right kind of sale. And I’m still learning when the right sales are, just ask my mom, she knows. So even though I don’t have money to buy fancy soap, I always end up with fancy soap. That is what I learned from my mom about hand soap. And I’m sure glad I did, because I love my Bath and Body Works soap.

How Charming!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I’m sorry about that. It’s been a stressful time since I got back from vacation. I had several large assignments due and a whole bunch of small ones as well. That coupled with preparing for exams and searching for summer jobs left me quite tense and stressed out.

When I get stressed I tend to either eat or online shop. Neither one of these activities is actually good for me, so I decided to start taking baths because I read online that baths can relax you, and I needed relaxing really badly. But taking a bath without a bath bomb or bubbles is kinda strange. It’s just warm clear water, and to be honest bathing kind of grosses me out. You just sit in warm water soaking in your own dirt water. So to take up my new hobby of relaxing in the bath, I needed some bath bombs. I mean they are all the rage right now right? And if I was to purchase bath bombs, I might as well buy some with little surprises in them. So I dug into my emergency fun fund and set out to browse the selection offered on the Charmed Aroma Website. Besides, buying the bath bombs created a topic that I could write about in my blog.

I decided on three different bombs. A tangerine dream one because I thought it would smell good, an aquamarine dream march birthstone one because blue is my favorite color, and a princess crown one because I’ve been wanting a crown ring for years. I placed the order and waited somewhat patiently for my awesome bath bombs to arrive.

The shipping time for the bath bombs was actually surprisingly quick. I got them in about 7 business days. And boy was I excited when they came. I was so excited that they came that I actually filled my tub and used the princess crown bath bomb right away. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed, the bomb lasted about 15 minutes fizzing away and making my water all fancy looking, and then a small little plastic ball popped up out of the color swirls. And then I had my first ring. It’s a beautiful rose gold crown with lovely crystal detailing, appraised at $80.

The next bomb a tired about a week later was the blue one. Again it turned my water into a lovely shade of blue, and then the capsule popped up. Based on my previous success I was excited to see the ring inside. It was a silver band with a huge blue stone ringed in crystals mounted front and center. It was pretty, definitely not my style at all, and only appraised at $60. But hey maybe I can pawn it off at some point.

Two weeks later I tried the last one, the tangerine bomb. Let me tell you, that bath bomb was my favorite smelling and it was the nicest looking in the water. But when I opened the ring I was disappointed. It was not a diamond one as was depicted in the picture, but a pink one, with two diamonds on either side. Needless to say, that color vibrant pink it not me at all, but it is appraised at $150 so hopefully when I pawn it, it’ll get me a few dollars.

Overall I’d have to say that the hype around these bath bombs is well warranted. They are really fun to use and there is a good selection to choose from. Obviously there is no way to choose which ring they’ll get in their bomb, because that would wreck the surprise and the overall draw of the bath bombs. I loved one of the rings I got, but the other two were not what I like at all. But hey, they definitely helped lower my stress level, and gave me a little fun and enjoyment as well. I’m tempted to buy some more of them, but not now. I would recommend that everyone tries this when they have money to purchase a bath bomb or a candle.

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